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September 2015


Inside the Labyrinth

Kevin Ovenden

Foreword by Paul Mason


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'A fascinating, humane, caustic analysis of Greece and the rebirth of its left, which contains inspiration and hazard-lights for progressives everywhere' 
- Zoe Williams, Guardian

'Not only captures the complexity ... but also speaks to the question of whether radical change can be mobilised on both the streets and through the ballot box' 
- LSE Review of Books

Greece's recent political turmoil captured the imagination of the left across Europe. Elected in January 2015 under the leadership of Alexis Tsipras, the radical Syriza party sought to challenge the European economic status-quo and secure a better future for the Greek people. The fierce confrontation with Greece's creditors which followed reverberated around the world.

Kevin Ovenden tells the rocky story of Syriza's first six months in office. Despite the party's many defeats, the rise (and fall) of Syriza is a symbolic and important story to tell. The twists and turns of the bailout negotiations with the Troika, the brief reign of iconoclastic Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, and the worrying rise of Golden Dawn and the extreme right all converge to create a pivotal moment in Europe's recent history.

Kevin Ovenden is a journalist, writer and activist.




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